Can fertility treatment with surrogacy fail?

The success rate of fertility treatment is one of the questions that arise in the process, since there may be mishaps that delay or complicate the treatment as such, but also in the vast majority, the cases have been effective and safe. Of course, treatment in some cases may not be successful on the first […]
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How fertility treatment with surrogacy works

If you have already thought about it and made the decision to start a family, whether with your partner or alone, and you are at the moment of the search, keep in mind that today with so much technology and scientific advances almost everything is possible. For this reason, in fertility issues, fertility treatment with […]
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The genetic link in a fertility treatment with surrogacy​

Genetics is one of the most valued aspects in assisted reproductive techniques, because it allows patients to actively participate in the expression baby gene , as long as the genetic material of one of them is in favorable conditions. It is also a solution for LGBT families and a whole community of single people who annually go […]
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Surrogacy Process for intentional parents

One of the biggest concerns that we observe in patients is the little or erroneous information they have about the surrogacy process for intentional parents and how it is carried out. So we propose to offer you a general and fairly concise overview of the new family, which will clarify any doubts regarding this practice. And is […]
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