The time has come, meeting me baby

The moment awaited for months and even years has come, the day of your baby's birth. As intentional parents, they must assume the role of parents from the moment they decide to request the surrogacy program , but they are involved in the first person, after the delivery of the little one.

The first day you meet your baby, the most normal thing is for parents to idealize it in a certain way, however the appearance of a newborn a little different from the one we idealize in the first instance.

Amazed in the first moments of the baby

  • At birth, it is normal for the baby to have a slight temporary deformation of the head, which can often be seen as a bit pointed, as a result of its passage through the natural birth canal. The natural thing is that the head takes its rounded shape in the course of the following days.
  • Another detail is that generally in the newborn, the difference in the size of his head is noticeable compared to that of his body, which can be larger than the rest of his body.
  • The appearance of the newborn's skin can easily fall between these three colors, which can be red, dark pink and purple.
  • A detail that parents see with concern is the rash or tiny white spots that some babies have, this is completely normal, and disappears before the first week of the baby. However, the doctors when analyzing the health status of your baby, will notify them if they should consider something out of the ordinary.
  • You should be aware that the medical personnel quickly carry out a process with your baby, which is to dry him and wrap him with a blanket, and then deliver him into the arms of the parents. Surrender at that moment is a very special moment where the relationship or bond with the parents grows.
  • At that time it is important to breastfeed the baby, an enriching procedure for the baby as well as for the parents. You must understand that breast milk should be the only source of food for the baby, avoiding formula milk to some extent.
  • The baby can last more than three days without defecating, which can be completely normal since breast milk does not represent a greater amount of waste for the body due to its nutritional potential.
  • Newborns are incredibly alert in the first days of birth, they spend a lot of time studying the faces of those close to them, especially those they can recognize in the first moments of life.
  • As for the child's senses, he can make use of them from the first day, which allows him to gradually identify more those close to him, thereby further developing the bond with the parents.
  • According to surveys carried out, the best sensation of parents is to take the little one in their arms for the first time, and on the other hand, another of the best sensations is when one of the father's fingers is caught between the palm and the tiny fingers of the baby.

The dream of your baby

Babies' sleep is another factor to consider in the newborn, in the first moments of life, they can become drowsy the next day, so the fundamental job of parents is to wake them up for feeding, every 3 hours approximately . They may wake up several times a day and at night, which is normal and healthy.

Some key recommendations for parents are:

  • Place the baby's crib or bassinet in your room, this guarantees that you can provide care to your little one without going too far from your room, so you keep him close and safe at night.
  • Low light for less attention tasks, feeding your baby at night, changing the diaper or removing the gas to the little one, this allows you to easily continue your well-deserved rest.
  • High light if he drinks requires more attention or medicines indicated by the pediatrician, you must be alert and with the five active senses, at that moment.
  • In this new stage, sleep when your baby tells you to. The perfect time to rest is exactly when your little one does.

The immune system is not yet ready.

The child's immune system is beginning to strengthen, so it is still prone to infections, so it is absolutely necessary that each person who holds the baby has their clothes and hands completely clean.

The baby's immune system is gradually strengthened according to its diet, hence it is taken as a fundamental rule, breast milk instead of formulas, in the first months of life.

They at this stage are extremely fragile beings, they are not prepared to shake them in any way, neither for movements and games, strong or sudden, in fact the recommended way to wake up your baby is with a few simple caresses on the feet, arms or cheeks.

The cry of your baby

The baby's crying is not a negative factor in the little one, on the contrary, he uses crying to communicate with you or express discomfort or changes that the little one needs. Generally, the baby's cry is related to the following messages:

  • I need space.
  • I am hungry
  • I want to be near you.
  • I am too hot or too cold.
  • I want to eliminate gases
  • I feel sick
  • I am scared
  • I'm tired
  • I need a diaper change

These are some of the factors that you should consider when it comes time to meet your little one, by being informed of these circumstances and responses, your partner and your baby will be extremely grateful to understand each other.

Remember that the first days after the birth of your baby are essential to create the bond between parents and child.

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