Recommendations for your visit to our clinic in Bogotá

Our fertility and assisted reproduction clinic CELAGEM , is present in the beautiful country of Colombia and one of our headquarters is located in the capital, Bogotá, it is located in the Carrera 7b Bis # 132-38 , Forest Medical Building 8th floor, northeast of the city. We give you recommendations for your visit to our clinic in Bogotá, this small review will make your stay simpler, easier and more comfortable and for you to know both our clinic and city.


The shopping centers offer you various entertainment alternatives, restaurants and a place where you can shop, we will mention the ones you can visit during your stay:

  • Usaquén plaza shopping center – avenida carrera 7 # 120-20
  • Hacienda Santa Bárbara shopping center – Carrera 7 # 115- 60
  • Cedritos 151 shopping center – 150 street # 16-56
  • Palatino Shopping Center – Carrera 7 # 138-3
  • Unicentro Shopping Center – Carrera 15 # 124-30
  • Parque la hill carrera shopping center – 58 d # 146-51


  • Green Cross Bela Switzerland – Carrera 9 # 16-127b
  • Farmatode – calle 140 # 25-29
  • Pharmacy point 24 hours – Carrera 13 # 11-140
  • Famicol Drugstore -Carrera 8 # 127-22

How to get

From the airport

El Dorado airport is the main one in the city, it receives thousands of travelers all the time, and it is the main place you will arrive when you come to our city, it is located between the towns of Fontibón and Engativá. You can take a taxi, Uber, Transmilenio or SITP, affordable means of transport in the city to go to the clinic.

Public transport

In the city there are two types of public services that are accessible to anyone, there is Transmilenio that runs throughout the city through portals and stations and the SITP (integrated public transport system) which is another of the services that is managed in the city and manages the zonal areas of the entire city.

One of the possible routes that is to take from the airport take a feeder route 16-14 Airport, then it will take you to the Transmilenio el dorado portal, where you will find the route H54 – Portal Usme and you get off at the salitre el greco station, leave the station, cross the pedestrian bridge and head west to find avenida 68 so that you can find the route of the SITP 634 153 street that will leave you close to the clinic.

Another route that you can take from the airport take the 16-14 airport feeder, which will take you to the El Dorado portal, when you arrive take the Transmilenio B23 Alcalá, it is a route that will take the entire 26th street, the Caracas trunk, to get there to the north highway, and you get off at the prado station, you leave the station and you can take a taxi to the clinic since the route is much shorter.

So that you can take public transport services it is necessary that when you arrive at the El Dorado portal, you can buy and acquire a card called your key, which is the one used to be able to move around the entire system and you can also locate in portals and Transmilenio authorized personnel stations that can help you locate buses and possible routes to make your trip easier.

Taxi or Uber

In Colombia we offer you private services that you will find when leaving the airport, which is the Taxi that will take you to the destination or there is also the option of requesting the service through the application called Uber, which serves through a private vehicle that it also offers you transportation guarantees to your safe and comfortable destination.

Nearby hotels

We will mention hotels that you will find near the clinic area

  • Wellness Hotel Usaquen, Colombia – Carrera 7B -Bis No. 132 – 38
  • Biohotel organic suites – carrera 7 Bis # 124-36
  • Exe Bacata 95 – Carrera 14 # 95-21
  • Hampton by Hilton Usaquén – Carrera 7 # 118-30
  • Hotel Santa Barbara Real – calle 127 # 7-89
  • Hotel Estelar la Fontana – calle 127 # 15 a -10
  • Hotels Le Manoir Egina Bogotá – Carrera 14 a # 19-16
  • Cosmos 116 hotel – calle 116 # 18b – 60
  • Hotel BH Usaquén – calle 120 # 7-14
  • Hotel Morrison 114 – Carrera 19 # 114 -06
  • Hemma Bogotá – 134th street # 9a -92
  • Ayenda Black Usaquén – calle 127 # 7d – 11

Applications that will make your stay easier


It is a transport application that provides its users with a private transport service where you can find out the driver and the fare for the journey you have, it is a good alternative to transport that is comfortable and affordable throughout the city. Do not doubt download the app so that your trips are safe.


It is an application that we recommend you download Because it is a good alternative to ask for addresses of restaurants, pharmacies, supermarkets and specialized stores, you will find everything in one place, in the comfort of your hotel and with the best service in all the products they offer.

Tourist places

To do

The city of Bogotá offers you various alternatives so that you can take the best experience of the city, from gastronomic tours, since it has a wide variety of restaurants, with incredible flavors and native to the country, historical tours of the city such as Candelaria, in the center of Bogotá, we also have several parks and wetlands, where you can breathe pure air, a place open to the public, you can walk or do sports outdoors, since Bogotá has central and immense parks for visitors to you can travel and get to know the green side of the city.

You will also find entertainment areas such as shopping centers, bars, discos, cinemas, amusement parks, among others, but if you want to go a bit to culture and history we have several museums around the city that will captivate you with their traditions and of course we have public libraries, so you can find a literary place full of stories. Bogotá is a city that offers you many experiences, so that you can take a little piece of our essence with you.

Places to know

  • Chorro de Quevedo calle 12 b # 22-98
  • Simon Bolivar Park
  • National Park
  • Independence Park
  • El tunal metropolitan park
  • Usaquén Park
  • Plaza de Bolívar is a public square with historic buildings in the heart of Bogotá, it is located at Carrera 7 # 11-10
  • Museum of the independence house of the vase, is a museum that talks about the independence of the country is located in Carrera 7 # 11-28
  • Gold Museum
  • Coin museum
  • National Museum
  • Botero museum
  • La Quinta de Bolívar Museum
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Maloka
  • Museum of Contemporary Art of Bogotá MAC Carrera 74 # 82 to 81
  • Catedral primada de Colombia, is a Catholic cathedral from the colonial era, very recognized and important in the city, it is located in the Plaza de Bolívar on Carrera 7 # 11-10
  • Movistar Arena – Diagonal 61 c # 26-36 is a place where events and concerts take place

What to do in case of emergency

If you find yourself in a situation of danger or risk, in the city we have communication channels in case of emergency, which would be:

  1. Emergency line: 123
  2. National Police: 112
  3. Traffic police: 127
  4. Ambulance service: 125
  5. Firefighters: 119
  6. Red cross: 132

Finally, in this small review we think about all the details that you will need when you arrive in the city, so that your stay is easier and so you can visit and get to know our clinic and start with the treatment to fulfill that dream of having a family, with the help and professionalism it gives you Celagem . Do not hesitate to visit us and get to know this country that welcomes you with open arms.

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