What is assisted reproduction?

Assisted reproduction

Assisted reproduction, as its name implies, is the group of fertility techniques and treatments that allow the conception of pregnancy when it cannot be achieved naturally.

Infertility is one of the main reasons that lead couples and single people to resort to fertility treatments.

Who can go for assisted reproduction help?

Regarding infertility in couples who want to start a family with children, the percentages are equal, around 50% can be due to male causes and the other 50% could be due to female causes, that is, both men and women can suffer from problems that affect your fertility.

Another group of people who need the help of assisted reproductive techniques are single people and homosexual couples who want to form a family.

Among the most popular assisted reproduction techniques in the world is in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination, which can be combined with techniques such as gamete donation, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, surrogacy among others.

How do I identify the type of assisted reproductive treatment I need?

In any of the assisted reproduction treatments, our group of human reproductive health professionals, gynecologists and embryologists must perform a diagnostic test on each patient, in order to identify the type of condition they have and be able to provide the corresponding help that improves the chances of achieving pregnancy.

In what process of fertility does it intervene?

Thanks to assisted reproduction, it is possible to intervene in any of the parts of the human reproductive process, such as ovulation and the growth of eggs in the ovaries, the transport of gametes in the reproductive tract, fertilization, among others.

Assisted reproduction is the means that protects and supports each of the natural steps of fertility, with the help of tools such as hormonal medication and slightly more complex techniques such as in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, embryo culture among other


Advances in assisted reproduction

Among the greatest advances we find the in vitro fertilization with donation of gametes , eggs and sperm from donors that help patients fulfill their dream of having children if they do not have their own gametes.

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