What is the ROPA Method? Celagem Clinic

The ROPA Method or Reception of Eggs from the Couple, is a assisted reproductive technique that helps lesbian couples run a shared motherhood.

What makes this technique more popular and differentiates it from other fertility treatments for gay couples is the fact that the couple is actively involved in the process.

Thanks to the ROPA Method, many women have become mothers at the Celagem fertility clinic.

What is the ROPA method?

It is a treatment in which lesbian couples make the decision to form a family with biological children, for which a donor mother and a surrogate mother are needed.

This means that one of the two mothers will provide the egg that will be fertilized by in vitro fertilization with sperm from an anonymous donor and the other mother will be the one who will receive the embryo transfer and will spend her future child during the time of pregnancy.

Phases of the ROPA Method

Like all fertility treatments, the ROPA method requires certain steps that must be carried out responsibly to reach the successful end of achieving pregnancy.

  • Ovarian stimulation : This step corresponds to the mother who will provide the ovum, it consists of stimulating the patient's ovaries in order to produce more follicles and obtain more oocytes, at Celagem we monitor the process through ultrasounds and periodic hormonal analyzes that allow us to evaluate the number of follicles.
  • Follicular puncture: Thanks to the monitoring of the process, it is possible to identify the size of the follicles, for the follicular puncture, which is actually the extraction of the donor mother's eggs.
  • Embryo culture and fertilization: In this step, the eggs obtained are fertilized by IVF with sperm from an anonymous donor. From this moment, the evolution of the embryos is controlled in the laboratory until they are transferred to the pregnant mother's uterus.  
  • Preparation of the pregnant mother: At the same time that the donor mother is prepared, the preparation of the pregnant mother begins. In this step, the endometrium is prepared for pregnancy by administering hormones with estrogens to achieve the proper size before transfer.
  • Embryo transfer: Finally the embryos are transferred to the uterus of the pregnant mother for the occurrence of pregnancy.
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