When to resort to an assisted reproductive technique?

Have a few months or maybe a couple of years passed and still you as a couple, have not managed to bring a pregnancy to reality? Are you a homosexual couple and have a strong desire to become parents? Have you considered at this point in your life the idea of having a baby by yourself? Do you have to undergo any invasive treatment but you still don't have children? Do you consider that your age is too advanced to have a child?

If any of these questions got you to this point, it is because you have definitely heard or learned about assisted reproduction treatments, a totally effective solution to maintain the possibility of having a baby of your own.

Assisted Reproduction Treatments

Unlike adoption, assisted reproduction treatments seek to provide you with a solution to any problem that affects your fertility and, in turn, offer you the possibility of having a baby with your biological and genetic information, that is, to really be the father and mother to legal and biological level of your child.

If your wish to become a parent has not yet come true, how long would it be advisable to wait and try, before going to a professional?

Heterosexual couple

it is recommended that it be tried for at least one year. It is a reasonable time to achieve a healthy and successful pregnancy, especially when the woman has been under the use of contraceptives.

Regarding age

In women, age is a very popular and influential factor for the process, a woman at the age of 35 does not have the same pregnancy capacity as a younger woman, since each year she loses more quantity and quality of the oocytes , therefore, fewer eggs can be fertilized. According to studies, the perfect age to attempt a natural pregnancy or request assisted reproductive treatment would be between 27 and 32 years of age

Homosexual or single couple

in this situation, it is evident that both cases lack some gamete, be it the female (ovules) or the male (sperm). In this sense, there is a little more flexibility when deciding to opt for assisted reproduction treatment:

  • Single man or gay couple: if you decide to become a father on your own, you must request a specific assisted reproduction treatment, which deserves the support of a pregnant woman and an egg donor. A highly complex process, since there are several treatments involved, the time to resort to this case is really indefinite, the reproduction center takes care of these details with the pregnant woman, where it is a requirement that the woman enjoy good health and an appropriate age.
  • Single woman or lesbian couple: If you decide to be a mother on your own, you need a sperm donor. In these cases the age factor comes into play, it is advisable not to exceed the age of 32 years and to resort to treatment from an early age, the indicated treatment is the ROPA method.
  • In the event that the woman presents any health condition or disease: it is the case that the woman presents some disease or abnormality that in the future disables her functions, or that is the case that the woman must undergo chemotherapies or invasive oncological treatments , there are assisted reproduction treatments that can offer you peace and tranquility, such as vitrified ovules, which allows to perfectly maintain the state of a group of oocytes.

This allows the woman to contribute her genetic material, but not her body. It should be noted that it is a flexible decision, however it is good to continue considering age as a factor of care to start at least the vitrification process.

What are the treatments available for assisted reproduction?

The popular and available assisted reproduction techniques are varied and fulfill specific functions depending on the case of the patient, however, there is always a study that allows to know exhaustively the diagnosis of each patient, focusing on offering high percentages of effectiveness. These are:

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As we have mentioned, there are several methods that are recommended, the important thing is to go to a recommended site, where they will guide you in the correct steps, you will have clear and secure information, all the tests will be carried out and the most important thing is that it will count. with fully personalized attention.

We recognize that it is a really important step for you, the connection and trust with the clinical center being vital, that is why at Celagem, we have the best qualified staff, we provide complete advice and we offer a wide range of options. Our priority is to generate well-being and be a guide when taking that big step that you want.

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