What is the best fertility clinic in Colombia?

What is the best fertility clinic in Colombia?

When a couple presents fertility problems, whether due to causes of natural, pathological, oncological origin, singleness or due to a homoparental relationship; they really tend to cross more than one desert before reaching their great dream, motherhood or fatherhood.

The possibilities in these cases can be reduced in adoption or selection of a fertility center, which provides advice regarding an ideal method that managed to break the barrier that limits that desire.

As we already know, motherhood or fatherhood is the clear result of mental and emotional maturity, with each member of the couple being a fundamental role, responsible for providing love, support, protection, safety and education to their new family member.

Although not all couples achieve pregnancy naturally, we believe in the unquestionable act of love and desire of those patients who come to a fertility center, formalizing and trusting their expectation of becoming parents.

Since it is truly an impossible decision to ignore or underestimate, our best recommendation will be to maintain security and expectation during this process. In the same way, it is essential to leave everything in the hands of experts and professionals who can be faithfully involved in that desire you have and who at the same time allow you to learn about that incredible experience.

Celagem, your best option as Fertility Centers in Colombia

If we talk about the best place where you can entrust your dream and expectation of being a father or mother, we also talk about Celagem.

Celagem is the Latin American Center for Genetic and Molecular Diagnostics; specialized in Genetics, Reproductive Health and Assisted Reproduction. Its main headquarters are located in the wonderful cities of Bogotá and Medellín, Colombia, allowing you excellent accessibility if you are within the country, and incredible accommodation if you come from any foreign country.

Not only do we have excellent service in Latin America, we also offer services in the Dominican Republic and Miami. An additional of Celagem, is that it has bilingual attention, so if Spanish is not your main language, you should not worry, we can advise you on your language if it is English.

In addition, Celagem stands out, not only for its wide range of treatments and reproduction programs, which is satisfactorily complete and transparent, its greatest value is the competitiveness of its prices, always in favor of its patients, maintaining its quality in care, results and service.

If only the fact of maintaining a competitive price does not seem enough, you should know that Celagem provides different financing plans and payment methods.

Another reason why Celagem is your ideal fertility center is because it has a totally specialized and personalized service. You can have a professional for each service throughout the process, which can be for nursing, gynecology, psychology, genetics, embryology

Regarding the programs and services that Celagem can offer you, there are:

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And last but not least, it is its complete and affordable inclusion to its best official and free content, where you can learn and frequently interact with the center. In addition, you can access information through its website and blog, Instagram and Facebook accounts, official app and Youtube channel .

The treatment you need, you can find it at Celagem

The specialized center is trained not only with expert human talent, but also has the best technology for each of its treatments, which are significantly effective and complete, giving you results and success rates above 90%.

So if you want to perform any of the following treatments, you will find yourself in the best place for that great probability of success, offering you:

  • In Vitro Fertilization Treatments.
  • Artificial insemination treatments.
  • ROPA method and shared maternity.
  • Pomeroy treatments or tubal ligation
  • Egg Donation Programs
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