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Celagem is a renowned Assisted Reproduction Center in Latin America. With over ten years of expertise in reproductive health, genetics, and assisted reproduction, we proudly offer inclusive fertility treatments for all types of families – be it heterosexual, homoparental, or single-parent. Upholding equality, we serve both nationals and international clients who aspire to embrace parenthood via methods like gestational surrogacy. Our global presence includes offices in Bogota, and Buenos Aires, catering to those who dream of building families.




Our philosophy


At Celagem, we dedicate ourselves to assisting couples and individuals in their journey to parenthood. Leveraging advanced technology and the latest in assisted reproduction techniques, we ensure quality, expertise, and heartfelt commitment to inclusive family-building.


Our aim is to emerge as a global beacon of excellence in personalized care within assisted reproduction, targeting the highest rates of healthy newborns.

Our Clinics


Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires – Argentina
AV. Cerviño 4407 – Palermo CABA.


Carrera 7B Bis #132 – 38 Building
Forest Medical 8 Floor.

Why Celagem?

Choosing us is a decision that can change your life. At Celagem we have the knowledge and technology necessary to help you fulfill your dream of being a father or mother. Here you will find dedicated and committed professionals, who will guide you every step of the process. In addition, you will have access to the most advanced treatments and an environment of support and understanding. No matter what your circumstances, Celagem will become your most valuable ally in this beautiful and exciting stage of your life.

More than 10 years training new families.

At Celagem, we are proud to have a sustained success rate in helping aspiring parents achieve their dreams of having a child.
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1 %
Pregnancy Rate
1 %
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Celagem | Argentina

Located in one of the most elegant and vibrant neighborhoods of the city. It is characterized by its architecture and tree-lined streets. It has a wide range of restaurants, bars and stores. An ideal place to stroll, enjoy the gastronomy and discover the porteño culture.

Celagem | Colombia

Bogota, our original headquarters, is a cosmopolitan city full of history. With a temperate climate and a diverse and friendly population, Bogotá is undoubtedly a city that captivates its visitors.

Celagem | México

Located in the capital of Mexico and one of the largest and most populated cities in the world. The city is home to a wide range of tourist attractions. Known for its vibrant art and culinary scene, as well as its numerous museums and archaeological sites.