Surrogacy in Colombia, the fate of surrogate mothers or storks 2.0

Colombia has become a popular destination for medical tourism. In view of the fact that, the main concern of many, are usually the doubts in the quality of the services…
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Father and his cute daughter having fun outdoors in a meadow. Sitting welcoming his running daughter with hands wide open. Sun flare, green grass, summer time. Caucasian, blond hair.

How does surrogacy treatment help new families?

In vitro fertilization with surrogacy fertility treatment is a method of assisted reproduction in which a woman gestates the embryo or embryos of the intended parents or parents. This embryo…
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Mid adult couple listening to advisor at home

Can fertility treatment with surrogacy fail?

The success rate of fertility treatment is one of the questions that arise in the process, since there may be mishaps that delay or complicate the treatment as such, but…
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How fertility treatment with surrogacy works

If you have already thought about it and made the decision to start a family, whether with your partner or alone, and you are at the moment of the search,…
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The genetic link in a fertility treatment with surrogacy​

Genetics is one of the most valued aspects in assisted reproductive techniques, because it allows patients to actively participate in the expression baby gene , as long as the genetic material of…
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Surrogacy Process for intentional parents

One of the biggest concerns that we observe in patients is the little or erroneous information they have about the surrogacy process for intentional parents and how it is carried out. So…
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